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A general view of Yelverton Station looking towards
Yelverton Tunnel and Horrabridge, probably in the 1920s..
Locomotive and General Railway Photographs (but from an older postcard).

Yelverton Station did not exist at the time the Princetown Railway Company opened its line to Princetown in 1883.  It was then known simply as Yelverton Junction as both passenger and freight trains for Princetown ran through Yelverton Tunnel to Horrabridge Station.

A steam railmotor with a Down train at Yelverton Station, probably in the 1920s.
From Author's collection.

An  unidentified class 45xx brings an Up train
 in to Yelverton Station in August 1954.
R B Parr.

The Great Western Railway Company had provided a siding here, on the Down side, which required the opening of the first Yelverton Signal Box circa 1876 when the London and South Western Company's trains started to use the Launceston Branch south of Lydford Station to access Plymouth.

An expectant crowd of passengers on Yelverton Station
await an Up train to Plymouth, circa 1950s.
Note the Down refuge siding beyond the Signal Box.
Norman Simmons.

An Up milk train pauses at Yelverton Station in August 1958.
From author's collection.

The Station, at 7 miles 37 chains mile post mileage from Tavistock Junction, was opened on May 1st 1885 and in addition to having Down and Up platforms had, at an angle, a separate platform for the Princetown Branch trains.

A Down train awaits the arrival of an already signalled Up train at Yelverton Station.
From author's collection.

A turntable of 23 feet 6 inch radius was provided, mainly for turning the snow-ploughs that had to be used over the Princetown Branch during the winter months.

According to the "The Official Hand-book of Station 1956" Yelverton Station dealt with passengers, parcels, miscellaneous traffic, horse boxes, and prize cattle vans.  It was not equipped with a crane.

Princetown Branch trains ceased to use Yelverton Station on or as from March 5th 1956 and Yelverton Signal Box was closed on or as from May 4th 1959, after which both Down and Up trains used the Down platform.

An empty and rather sad looking Yelverton Station,
 looking towards Bickleigh, after closure.
Brian Moseley.

Yelverton Station was closed to passenger traffic on and as from December 31st 1962, when the Launceston Branch closed.