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RICHARD BAYLY (1877-1912)

Richard Bayly was born at Torr Grove, Pennycross, on September 8th 1877, the second son of Mr Robert Bayly (1839-1901).  His mother was formerly Miss Emma Sophia Sewell.

He was educated at Charterhouse but joined the family business in 1896, when he was 17-years-old, instead of going to university.  He became an expert turner in wood and owned some very fine lathes.  He lived at Torr House and gave generously to many noteworthy charities, including the Churches of Saint Pancras and Saint Gabriel in Plymouth and Yelverton parish church.

Mr Richard Bayly married Miss Margaret Elizabeth Hope Bewes, the daughter of the late Mr R A Bewes, solicitor, of East Stonehouse, on January 29th 1912.

After his marriage, he purchased a house at Brixton, into which he was about to move his bride, when a loaded gun he was examining went off in his face.  Although at the time it was reported to have been an accident, it was in fact suicide, brought about by the failure of his short marriage.

Mr Richard Bayly died at Torr House, Pennycross, on Saturday March 2nd 1912 at the young age of 34 years.

During his life he had been a keen motorist and was once of the first in the area to own a motor car, a steam-driven Gardner Serpollet.  He had also been responsible for greatly expending the work of the timber yards and erecting a fine range of new sheds at Coxside.

His younger brother, Mr Robert Bayly, died on June 23rd 1913 and his older brother, Mr John Bayly, died on February 26th 1918.


  Compiled with the kind and valued assistance of Mr RD Bayly.