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The West of England Soap Company Limited was located in Sutton Road, Plymouth, in the works previously belonging to Messrs Bryant and Company and before that Messrs Bryant Brothers, Burnell and Company.

On Wednesday February 4th 1857 the foundation stone was laid of range of buildings on land belonging to the West of England Soap Company Limited for the manufacture of a finer description of candles.  Mr J Burnell (1793-1864) was the chairman of the directors.

Mr William Bryant was the manager in 1857.

The business commenced operations during the first week of February 1858.

On Monday June 29th 1863 a General Meeting of the shareholders was held at the Company's offices in Sutton Road and a resolution passed to voluntarily wind up the Company.  That resolution was put before another General Meeting on Wednesday July 15th 1863 and was confirmed.

In 1863 The Victoria Soap Company purchased Bryant and Burnell's West of England Soap Company and moved the plant from Sutton Road to Millbay.

Mr Eldred Roberts Brown (1809-1885), chairman of the surviving liquidators, issued a notice on May 10th 1864 confirming that the Company had been wound up and the accounts were to be examined at a General Meeting of the Company on June 15th 1864.  The surviving liquidators were given as: Mr Eldred Roberts Brown (1809-1885); Mr Samuel Eliott; Mr Caleb Trotter; Mr William Burnell; Mr Philip Loye; Mr Robert Robinson Langford; Mr Frank Harger; and Mr Joseph Wills (1804-1872).