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Roborough Flour Mill lay in the parish of Bickleigh, north of Plymouth, and well outside the old Borough boundary.   It was on the eastern side of the main road to Tavistock, opposite the entrance to Roborough House.  It is included here because it was, after all, on the Plymouth Leat (Drake's Leat).

Mr John Gent was the miller at one time but at the time of the 1851 census it was 30-years-old Mr Thomas Spurrell, who was born at Walkhampton.  He and his 25-years-old wife, Ann, who came from Bickleigh, had a young family, Emma, aged 6, Amelia, aged 5, John, aged 3, and Ann, aged one.

The Mill was apparently being held by Sir Massey Lopes on a 65-year lease which ran from 1825.

On September 24th 1885 the Corporation ordered the common seal to be affixed to an agreement with Sir Massey Lopes MP and Mr Henry Yarde Buller Lopes (1859-1938) for the purchase by the Corporation of Roborough Mills and adjoining land.