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A GWR steam railmotor approaching, or possibly leaving,
 what is clearly named Plym Bridge Halt.
Locomotive and General Railway Photographs.

Plym Bridge Halt, at 5 miles 13 chains from Plymouth Station (Millbay), was opened by the Great Western Railway Company on May 1st 1906.

The Western Morning News dated Tuesday March 5th 1907 carried the following report: 'When the engine attached to the train which left Launceston at 6.20pm and arrived at Millbay at 7.53pm was removed to the engine shed at Plymouth last evening, a cleaner called attention to red stains on the front.  A closer scrutiny revealed the presence of hair, apparently human, and a shred of cloth.  Suspecting that the stains were of blood, the men informed the authorities at Millbay Station.  The stationmaster communicated with stations on the line, and a thorough search of the line was made.  A few yards off the Plym Bridge Halt was found the mutilated body of a man lying across the down metals.  His head was smashed in, and the whole body was mangled beyond recognition.  The body was removed to a home near the halt, and late last night was  reported to be unidentified.  It is stated that the mutilation is so complete that there can be no question of identification apart from the clothing.'

It was downgraded to "Platform" at some point, although this was not recorded by Mr C R Clinker in his Register of Closed Passenger Stations and Goods Depots".

According to the "The Official Hand-book of Railway Stations, Etc.", 1929 and 1956 editions, Plym Bridge Platform dealt only with passenger traffic.

A sunny view of the Plym Bridge Platform buildings.
From the author's collection.

On Weekdays and Sundays, 'where train service permits', commencing on May 1st 1953, the following cheap day return tickets, first and third class, were available from Plym Bridge Platform to: Devonport Albert Road, 2 shillings (s) 3 pence (d) 1st, 1s 5d 3rd; Keyham, 2s 6d 1st, 1s 8d 3rd; Plymouth North Road Station, 1s 9d 1st, 1s 2d 3rd; Saint Budeaux Ferry Road, 2s 9d 1st, 1s 9d 3rd; and  Saltash, 3s 1st, 2s 3rd.

Ply Bridge Platform was closed to traffic on or as from December 31st 1962.

Plym Bridge Platform after closure of the Launceston Branch.
  Western Morning News Company Limited.