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  Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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On Tuesday October 2nd 1928 it was announced in the local press that the Great Western Railway Company was to provide a Halt for the benefit of the people of Clearbrook and visitors from Plymouth coming out to enjoy the countryside.

Clearbrook Halt, at 6 miles 25 chains mile post mileage from Tavistock Junction, was opened on Monday October 29th 1928.  It had taken about three weeks to construct, although the timber-fronted platform was made up with ashes, the painters had not finished their work, and the house containing the waiting room and booking office had not arrived.  Judging from the photographs of a typical waiting hut made of corrugated iron, the "house" never did arrive. 


Clearbrook Halt, looking north.
From the author's collection.

The trains booked to call at Clearbrook Halt on Mondays to Saturdays in 1928 were, in the Down direction towards Tavistock and Launceston, at 8.17am. 9.13am, 11.09am, 12.29pm, 1.27pm (Saturdays only), 2.16pm, 3.40pm, 5.53pm, 6.44pm, 7.46pm, 8.51pm, 10.55pm, and 11.51pm.  Up trains, for Plymouth Station (Millbay), were to call at 7.42am, 8.23am, 10.03am, 11.20am, 1.09pm (Saturdays only), 3.24pm, 4.50pm, 6.49pm, 7.31pm, 8.01pm, 9.13pm, and 9.44pm.

Clearbrook Halt looking south towards Plymouth, possibly in 1962.
From author's collection.

Sunday trains were, Down, 11.12am, 2.38pm, 6.24pm and 8.55pm; Up, at 12.12pm, 4.56pm, 6.38pm  and 9.47pm.  The Sunday service was to be augmented in May 1929.

On Weekdays and Sundays, 'where train service permits', commencing on May 1st 1953, the following cheap day return tickets, first and third class, were available from Clearbrook Halt to: Devonport Albert Road, 3 shillings (s) 9 pence (d) 1st, 2s 6d 3rd;; Keyham, 4s 1st, 2s 9d 3rd; Plymouth North Road Station, 3s 6d 1st, 2s 3d 3rd; Saint Budeaux Ferry Road, 4s 6d 1st, 3s 3rd; Saltash, 4s 9d 1st, 3s 3d 3rd; and Tavistock South, 2s 6d 1st, 1s 8d, 3rd.

BRWR number 4567 heading the 10.15am from Launceston to Plymouth
is about to pick up a group of Boy Scouts at Clearbrook Halt on August 4th 1962.
  Peter W Gray.

According to the "The Official Hand-book of Station 1956" Clearbrook Halt dealt only with passenger traffic.

Clearbrook Halt was closed to passenger traffic on and as from December 31st 1962, when the Launceston Branch closed.