Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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By an indenture dated April13th 1860, enrolled on May 7th 1860, Ms Lydia Prideaux assigned to Mr Alfred Payne Balkwill and five other trustees a messuage in Norley Street, Plymouth, for the residue of a term of 2,000 years.  The rent was to be paid to the trustees of Fox's Cottages or Almshouses in Windsor Street.

In 1907/08 the property was being let at an annual rental of 21, payable to Mr Francis Hancock Balkwill, one of the four trustees then remaining, who, after paying any expenses, transfers the residue to the treasurer of the Almshouses.

At some point the sum of 700, representing the Lydia Prideaux Gift and also that of Sarah Crewdson, was combined with 312 10s provided from revenue and invested in the purchase of 1,000 of Victoria Government 4% Stock.  This was later cashed and the money used to increase the Bank of England Stock to a total of 700.

The trustees in 1908 were Miss Harriet Richardson, Doctor Charles Albert Hingston, Mr George Hingston and Mr Arthur Edward Pridham.  At that time the Lydia Prideaux Gift had been combined with the William Dillworth Crewdson and Sarah Crewdson Gifts for the benefit of Fox's Almshouses.