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Down in deepest Cornwall, the Great Western Railway Company Limited had started a motor omnibus service from Helston to the Lizard.  Keen to make even bigger money from this innovation in transport, they followed it up by opening a route to Modbury from Brixton Road Station, on the railway from Plymouth Station, Millbay, to Yealmpton Station.  That was on May 2nd 1904.  However, that presumably lost them income from the railway so on June 1st they cut the service back to just Yealmpton Station to Modbury.

Another  new road motor service that was started on June 1st 1904 was from Saltash Station to Callington and Albaston, all in Cornwall.  This was run in connection with the Plympton to Saltash Suburban Service that started on the same day.

There must have been some call for a road service between Yealmpton and Plymouth because in September 1904 the GWRC introduced a road car from Modbury through Yealmpton to Plymouth Station.

On Monday September 12th that year they also started a service from Plymouth Station to Roborough Village, in direct competition with one of Mr Baskerville's horse buses.   On Wednesdays and Saturdays the route was extended to the Rock at Yelverton.

The service between Roborough and Yelverton was the first to be cut back, the last day of operation being Wednesday September 27th 1905.  This was followed by the closure of the Modbury service on Sunday June 30th 1907.

This left only the Plymouth Station to Roborough Village route.  After putting Mr Baskerville out of business sometime around 1912, the GWR pulled out of the service on Sunday August 6th 1916.

On March 25th 1921, after a break of nearly five years, the Great Western Railway Company started a bus service from Plymouth Station to Kingsbridge and Dartmouth.  It survived until December 31st 1928.  In 1925 the timings over the road to Modbury were co-ordinated with those of the services run by the Devon Motor Transport Company.

As from April 20th 1922 the GWRC motor bus services were placed in their own Road Motor Department at Swindon, under Mr F C A Coventry as Superintendent of Road Transport.

From July 14th until September 21st 1924 it operated a service from Plymouth Station to Bigbury-on-Sea.  They ran it again the following year, from July 13th, extending it to operate right through the winter as well and was still listed in January 1929.

During 1928 they also ran a service from Plymouth to Noss Mayo.  It started on January 2nd 1928 and ceased like the others on December 31st 1928 when, as a result of the Great Western Railway (Road Transport) Act 1928, the motor bus services of the Great Western Railway Company Limited Road Motor Department were transferred to the Western National Omnibus Company Limited.