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The history of the Midland Bank goes back to 1836, when Mr Charles Geach, an official at the Bank of England's branch in Birmingham, formed the Birmingham and Midland Bank.

By 1890 it had 45 branches and the following year moved it's head office to London, following the acquisition of the Central Bank of London.  It then changed its name to the London and Midland Bank.  The City Bank was acquired in 1898 and the name changed again to the London, City and Midland Bank.

The London, City and Midland Bank opened a branch at number 14 Bedford Street, Plymouth, on February 7th  1910.  Three members of staff enlisted during the Great War.  Second Lieutenant Norman Lang, of the Machine Gun Corps, was wounded at Ypres.  All three returned home safely.

A further name change came in 1918 following the acquisition of the London Joint Stock Bank.  The new name was the London Joint City and Midland Bank.

Finally common sense set in in 1923 and the bank was registered as the Midland Bank Limited.

A new Branch at 65 Mutley Plain was opened on Monday November 3rd 1924.  Under the supervision  of Mr Percival Scutt, manager of the main branch at 15 Bedford Street, it was open for business between 10am and 3pm except on Thursdays when it was open only until 4pm and on Saturdays when transactions were only possible between 9am and Noon.

There was also a sub-branch at Tavistock Road, Crownhill, which was open on Tuesdays and Fridays from 10am until 12 Noon.

On and as from April 1st 1941 all banking business previously undertaken at the Plymouth Branch, which had been destroyed in the Blitz, was transferred to the East Stonehouse Branch.  A member of staff and two firewatchers lost their lives.  The building was left a smoking ruin and the safe was too hot to open for two weeks.  All its contents were found to be intact.  Unfortunately the East Stonehouse Branch was itself bombed.,  The Plymouth customers were accommodated at a temporary branch at 114 Tavistock Road, Plymouth, on the corner with Park Street.  Mr F Barraclough was manager of both the Plymouth and East Stonehouse branches in 1953.

After the Second World War, new premises were opened in 1955 at number 4 Old Town Street.  The building was designed by Messrs Whinney and Son and Austen Hall.

A new branch was opened at 97 Cornwall Street on March 16th 1959, in premises designed by Messrs Louis de Scissons, Peacock, Hodges, Robertson and Fraser.  This was closed around 1992 following the take-over by the HongKong-Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC).

The Midland Bank introduced "Access", their credit card and and cheque guarantee card in October 1972.

In October 1982 the Bank was reregistered as the Midland Bank PLC.

The former Midland Bank on Mutley Plain was closed in 2012.


  With acknowledgement to the HSBC Archives in London for their very efficient assistance.