Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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In 1779 the foundation stone was laid of the first Wesleyan chapel in the Three Towns, in Lower Street, Plymouth, between Hawker's Avenue and Harbour Avenue.

On August 17th 1780 John Wesley preached there.  Two days later he was there again and in his journal, under the date August 20th 1780, he wrote: 'Finding that there was a debt upon the building, I made a collection for the house which amounted to about five and twenty pounds.  When I had done this a Mr James said "This was not all.  We must have a weekly collection both here and at the Dock.  Let as many as can subscribe 6d a week for a year.  I will subscribe 5 shillings a week, and let this be reserved for the payment of the debt".  This was done and by that simple method the most pressing debts were soon paid'.

The Lower Street Chapel could accommodate between 300 and 400 persons and was used for thirteen years before it was superseded by the larger Wesley Methodist Chapel.  The premises were then let first to the Working Men's Association and in 1842 to the Baptist movement to become the Lower Street Baptist Mission Hall and Sunday School, who, in 1882, opened a new building on the same site.