Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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The original building was erected in 1779-1780 and was where Mr John Wesley first preached in Plymouth on August 17th 1780.  It was then known as the Lower Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel.  It superseded by the larger Wesley Methodist Chapel and the building was then let to the Working Men's Association.  In 1842 it was acquired by the Baptist movement to become the Lower Street Baptist Mission Hall and Sunday School.  The School started with just forty pupils but under the joint superintendence of Mr R Harvey Daw and Mr C Watts that had risen to 300 by the end of the 1870s.

The two memorial stones of a new building constructed on the same site were laid by the above-named gentlemen on February 15th 1881.  The building was officially opened by the Reverend T C Page on the evening of Tuesday July 4th 1882.  Amongst those who attended the meeting was the first superintendent of the Sunday School, Mr J W Freeman, now of London.  The building had two floors, of which the ground floor was occupied by a school-room measuring 60 feet by 36 feet, and the first floor, which was supported on iron pillars, contained six Bible class-rooms and two Infant Class-rooms as well as cloakrooms.

Mr H J Snell, of Courtenay Street, Plymouth, was the architect and Messrs Lethbridge and May the builders.

Services were held every evening at 6.30pm, except on Tuesdays, when it at 7pm.

One of the local bodies that used the Lower Street Baptist Mission Room in 1898 was the Lower Street Temperance Society.