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This was a range of quaint and picturesque cottages in what is now Sutton Road, Coxside.  The wall which separated the cottages from the roadway is still in existence in front of the warehouse opposite the site of the now demolished "Shipwrights' Arms" public house. 

Although it is usually stated that they were founded in 1703, it is evident from the Report of the Charity Commissioners dated January 16th 1821 that they were already in existence before Mr Jory made indentures of lease and release dated March 1st and 2nd 1702, passing them over to Mr Robert Berry, Mr Philip Pentyre and Mr Thomas Bound, as trustees.  The almshouses originally housed twelve poor widows of the Town, who were given a pension in addition to accommodation.  More information about the endowment will be found at Joseph Jory's Charity.

The site of the almshouses was purchased in 1878 by the Great Western Railway, using statutory powers.