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Three members of the Burnell family, of Plympton Saint Maurice, were involved in these businesses.  They were descended from Mr Emmanuel Burnel (sic) and his wife Grace.  The oldest was their son, William Burnell, who was baptised at the Ancient Parish Church of Plympton Saint Maurice on June 17th 1757.

William Burnell (1757-1833) married Miss Agnes Lavers, of Plympton Saint Maurice, on April 6th 1780 and she bore him two sons and four daughters.  William Burnell junior was born in 1789 and John Burnell in 1793.

Mr Burnell senior (1757-1833) was a grocer and was listed in 1812 as having his premises in Briton Side.  There was also a William Burnell, confectioner, in Market Place but it is not clear as to whether this was William senior, operating two shops, or William junior.

In 1814 the business was known as Burnell and Sons, grocers and importers of Irish prish provisions.  It was still at Britonside (sic) and William, senior or junior, was still in Market Place selling his confectionary products.  Clearly both sons were partners with their father.

But in 1823 the business was listed as Burnell and Son, singular.  They were still grocers but only in Britonside (sic).  There was no mention of William the confectioner.

In 1836 the listed business was still Burnell and Son, singular, but it was now located in Bilbury Street and Mr William Burnell, senior or junior, had re-appeared as a grocer in Norley Street.

Mr William Burnell (1757-1833) was admitted as a Freeman of the Borough of Plymouth in 1831 and died in September 1833.  Mrs Agnes Burnell passed away in 1840.

The two sons were sole proprietors of the business in 1844.  It was situated at number 4 Bilbury Street.